Be a Good Neighbor

By using Knock Knock! to share and borrow everyday household items we reduce the amount of stuff we all have to own and thus reduce the impact we have on our planet. We also say “Thank You” to our neighbor for letting us borrow their item by donating to the charity of their choice.


How Does the App Work?

Share what you have

Select a few household items, upload them to the app, so your neighbors know they’re available for borrowing!

Borrow what you need

Need anything? See what’s available! You can search for items such as blender, a handy tool, or a cool gadget you’re excited to try.

Donate to a charity

Say thank you to your neighbor for letting you borrow an item by donating to a charity of their choice.


Take a Closer Look

With Knock Knock! You’re not only borrowing and sharing common household items, you’re also helping your community, lowering the impact on the planet, and creating more genuine relationships with neighbors.

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